Retirement Income Planning

The Legacy Foundation’s approach for asset management and investment selection will differ during the income distribution phase at retirement. Obviously during one’s accumulation phase, growth of capital may have a stronger emphasis and income producing investments may not be a primary goal. Understanding the myriad of investment products paired with dynamic strategies requires industry professionals with a specific skill set, experience and the mandate for continuing education along with the latest research technology. At the Legacy Foundation, LLC, we pride ourselves in hiring staff that meet stringent qualifications and are appropriately credentialed in the areas that exploit the best outcome for our clients. 

Some of the discussions we have surrounding retirement income planning will specifically address the Required Minimum Distributions, advantages of Roth Conversions, annuities and guaranteed income options, and what it means to choose survivorship options through defined benefit programs. The retirement income considerations also impact estate planning. The strategies could change from year to year depending on new tax legislation, economic developments or your personal situation. 

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