Research and Communication

The research that is done in-house is strategic to our portfolio construction and on-going monitoring. We are aware of our professional obligation to continually keep our clients apprised of economic and market news that we deem important through market review reports. We communicate through either articles that are posted to our website or client e-mails. 

We mandatorily request that our clients have annual account reviews which are comprehensive in nature. During these meetings, we provide insight to the events that transpired which would affect the investment selection process. Such as, interest rates changes, inflation, economic slowing, and currency changes and thematic investment trends. 

Additionally, we review the current positions in our clients’ accounts and answer any questions regarding the holdings. During the annual account review, we also answer any financial planning questions; see if there have been any changes that would inspire reassessing our clients planning goals or obligations. 

These meetings have proven to be genuinely engaging and useful in maintaining a financial planning discipline in reaching milestone goals well into the retirement years.

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