Financial Planning

 The Legacy Foundation offers a systematic approach to planning. Take a look at our process below!


Gathering Information

We aim to know our clients well, by gathering personal data about special needs, social awareness considerations, and citizenship status through questionnaires, counseling, and examination.

Analysis of Present Position

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s present financial condition, including tax status, estate considerations, insurance needs, portfolio assessment, risk tolerance, expected rate of return and capital needs, we help pursue our client’s goals.

Strategy Design

We design and prioritize strategies tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, stated goals, and objectives. We also draw on outside experts in the case of estate planning. Legacy creates a Capital Needs Analysis, illustrations and product design that provide a pathway to your financial success.

Client Approval

We will explain the final plan in a concise, understandable written report addressing our client’s special considerations which will be outlined in his/her Policy Statement.

Plan Implementation

After client approval, we will start the implementation process and review periodically. Our attentive staff will keep you apprised of the processing along the way.

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