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Personalized Investment Planning - Based on Your Individual Goals and What Matters Most to You.


Starting the Process

We ask all our incoming Legacy Foundation clients to complete a brief questionnaire to help us better understand their specific needs, as well as their personal investment goals, investment time horizon, individual risk preferences, and current financial position. This information allows us to pair you with one of our proprietary, risk-adjusted investment strategies, which vary from Income with Capital Preservation – for clients whose primary concern is asset preservation – to Aggressive Growth – for clients who have a longer investment time horizon and are comfortable with a high degree of market volatility. Within each of The Legacy Foundation’s five risk profiles, the proportion allocated between various asset classes – equities, fixed income, alternative investments, etc. – is adjusted to achieve a risk-adjusted return objective that is tailored to meet your individual investment goals.

We carefully construct each of our client’s portfolios using a process that combines elements of what we define as Core and Satellite.  The Core portion of the portfolio is designed to provide diversification across several asset classes – think of this as the foundation of your retirement portfolio.

As a complement to this Core model portfolio, and depending on your individual risk profile, a percentage of each portfolio also is allocated to one of our Satellite portfolios, which is constructed to take advantage of shorter-term investment opportunities.  Changes to central bank policies, the unemployment rate, inflation, consumer confidence, and exchange rates, to name only a few, are evaluated by our investment team and factored into the asset selection process for this part of your portfolio.

Most wealth advisors focus only on the accumulation or “growth phase” of their clients’ retirement portfolios. At The Legacy Foundation, however, we believe the distribution or “spending phase” can often be more important than the accumulation phase.  That is why we utilize a risk reduction strategy that anticipates each client’s cash flow needs and allows us to take advantage of market volatility rather than being controlled by it.  More importantly, this greatly reduces the need for our clients’ to sell assets after they have already declined in order to meet planned distributions from their retirement accounts.  At The Legacy Foundation, we believe that by remaining proactive and anticipating distributions from our clients’ retirement accounts, we are able to provide our clients with a superior financial planning experience and differentiate ourselves from other advisors.

No strategy can assure a profit or protect against a loss. Investing involves risk of loss.

We offer complimentary portfolio reviews to determine if there are deficiencies in your current asset allocation. Just call 434-971-5917 to schedule an appointment! 

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